Compliance requires rather strict boundaries to be set in-order to achieve a desired outcome. Enforcing various policies and procedures might be counterproductive for employees and instead drive them away with resentment. It is important to look at fun and educative training materials and methods for successful implementation.

The Compliance Course Set is an interactive, engaging and effective toolkit consisting of various training and test modules to address human risk behaviour in the compliance domain

Course materials are based on real-life based situations to aid in immersion and realism. Participants are asked to react based on their best judgement.
A comprehensive risk profile is provided to each participant upon the completion of a course.

RiskSight’s Compliance Course Set consists of Data Protection, Anti-Corruption/Business Ethics and Anti-Money Laundering.

The Courses are both available Individually or as a Course Set.

Compliance means that a company adheres to the applicable rules and laws.

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Our Core Values

There are no “catch all” Compliance courses. Customization is key to success.

Time spent on education & trainings is valuable. Risk assessment helps accomplish 2 goals at once.

Compliance trainings need a systemic and continuous approach to provide maximal value.

How We Work?

Data Protection


Non-Technical-Individual topics are assessed here concerning the Staff of an organization. Areas such as participation in Data Protection, attitude towards it as well as discipline of Staff are occurring subjects.


Non-Technical-Surrounding topics are assessed here regarding the Company or Organization. Areas such as Social Responsibility of employees, Best Practices in Data Protection and relevant Rules and Norms are touched upon.


Technical-Individual topics related to Data are assessed here. Primary areas are personal or Identity Data, Software related Data and Databases as well as Data on various Devices.


Technical-Individual topics are assessed here related to Customers. Data Protection regarding to Social Media, E-mails and Internet are covered.



Non-Technical-Individual topics are assessed here concerning the Staff of an organization. Areas such as Ancillary Activities in Anti-Corruption, Contribution towards it as well as the overall Attitude of the Staff are touched upon here.

Professional Activities

Non-Technical-Surrounding topics related to Professional Activities are assessed here. Primary areas include Public Procurement, Proceedings and Funding.

Key Terms

Technical-Individual topics related to Key Terms are assessed here. Primary focus areas are Official Terms, Terms related To Public Authority and a Connected Person.

Critical Situations

Technical-Surrounding topics related to Critical Situations are assessed here. Primary areas are Conflicts of Interest, Bribery and Relationships between various entities.

Anti-Money Laundering


Non-Technical-Individual topics related to Personality are assessed here. Primary areas are Attitude in the field, Communication of Anti-Money Laundering as well as Contribution to mitigation of it.


Non-Technical-Surrounding topics related to the Organization are assessed here. Primary areas are the Culture, Organizational Structure and a Risk Based Approach to fight against Anti-Money Laundering.


Technical-Individual topics related to Knowledge are assessed here. Primary areas are the Term & Concept itself, various Sanctions and Global Efforts of mitigation.


Technical-Surrounding topics related to Prevention of Anti-Money Laundering are assessed here. Primary areas include risks in areas of Sources, Identification and Knowing Your Customer.

Technical Specifications

  • Individual & Organizational Risk Assessment Profile

  • Language Support for 15 Different Languages

  • Single Sign-On Support (SAML, LDAP and more)

  • Custom Group Mapping for Comprehensive Analysis

  • E-mail Notifications for Users

  • Customizable Web Interface

  • Media Support Capabilities (Images, Videos, Attachments and more)

  • Export of Profiles & Course Feedback

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