Can You See The Risk?

Customer-driven human
risk mitigation trainings

Can You See The Risk?

Customer-driven human
risk mitigation trainings

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Cyber Awareness

Up to date cyber awareness of its employees is fundamental to ensure cybersecurity of any organization. We have designed our course by listening to the feedback from our customers, following the ever-emerging cyber threats and taking into account behavioural and psychological aspects. We believe that building a cyber awareness program in any organization should be customized to that organization’s specific needs, requirements and peculiarities. We also believe that cyber awareness trainings should yield clearly measurable statistics, auditable results and provide input to organizations’ cyber risk quantification.


Data Protection, Anti-Corruption/Business Ethics and Anti-Money Laundering rules are often changing and sometimes allow different interpretations. With the help of some of the best experts in the field, we have created both interactive e-learning courses and live classroom simulations to help companies tackle these complex fields of compliance. Our courses help to eliminate compliance related blindspots, identify areas where additional attention is needed. Our goal is not just to satisfy the minimum requirement but to provide a meaningful insight for the management to address these substantial risk areas.

Crisis Management Exercises

The best way to be ready for a crisis is to exercise. Playing through various crisis scenarios in an interactive way helps not only to practice crisis management procedures but address and identify potential shortcomings, gaps and discrepancies. By making use of our interactive proprietary crisis simulation platform STRATEX, we are able to deliver engaging experiences from table-top exercises to scenario-based policy discussions as well as supporting conjoined technical and strategic cybersecurity exercises.

Phishing Campaigns

With the continuous rise of phishing becoming the main attack vector for cybercriminals, it is natural to look for protection. What better way to test your organization’s security against phishing attacks than to have a realistic simulation. Run a fully realistic phishing campaign with customized e-mails and randomized sending with us!

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