Classroom Trainings

Should necessity for additional learning rise, we provide personalized and customized Classroom Trainings for both smaller and larger audiences.

A Classroom Training can be used both as a standalone or additional learning mechanism.

Whilst e-Learning can be effective, nothing trumps the experience of a subject matter expert’s walkthrough of various topics with interesting practical examples and relevant resources to be used. Our Classroom Trainings are structured to provide the most effective learning experience whilst retaining a high level of interaction and interest by providing much practical output in the form of tasks or games as well as exploration and use of various risk mitigation tools.

RiskSight’s Default Classroom Trainings are available in Cyber Hygiene, Data Protection, Business Ethics/Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering.

Additionally, we also provide our Tools and Methodology for external Study Topics.

A Classroom Training can be used both as a standalone or additional learning mechanism.

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Our Core Values

Classroom Trainings need to be designed to appropriate scope. Customization is key to success.

Time spent on education & trainings is valuable. Risk assessment helps accomplish 2 goals at once.

Classroom Trainings are an effective tool of additional learning for a continuous training approach.

How We Work?

Expert Insight

Classroom Trainings provide valuable real-time expert insight which might not be as absorbable through e-learning. There is a possibility to ask questions or create discussion.

Additional Tools & Resources

Our Classroom Trainings often go slightly more in-depth that our e-learning courses, also acknowledging various topic based tools and resources to aid in continuous and improved security.

Interactive & Engaging

Learning needs to be fun and interesting, hence why we aim to structure our Classroom Trainings to be as interactive and engaging as possible.

Consolidation of Knowledge

Whilst a Classroom Training can be used as a standalone educative method, the main purpose is to use them as an extra layer of consolidation of knowledge.

Technical Specifications

  • Automatic User Account Creation via .CSV

  • Instant Results Visualization

  • Real-Time Exercise Progress Management

  • Custom Group Mapping for Comprehensive Analysis

  • Management of Multiple Inject Tracks

  • Various Question Modules (Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Scale, Framework, Open-Ended)

  • Media Support Capabilities (Images, Videos, Attachments and more)

  • Export of Various Data Tables

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