RiskSight & Microsoft conducted their first Test Run on Strategic Decision-Making Exercises

Published On: January 27, 2023Categories: News

On Friday, the 20th of January, RiskSight & Microsoft conducted their first ever Test Run on Strategic Decision-Making Exercises.

This is a joint project between the 2 organizations with the goal to raise cyber awareness and provide a baseline for discussions on various relevant and controversial topics in cyberspace. The core of the Exercise consists of a Scenario-Based Discussion, where several cyber incidents and crises are dissected to the very details. Assessments and decisions such as the severity of the incident, a proper media strategy and shutdown of critical services are played through.

The Exercise audience was a test group from Microsoft themselves, consisting of various high level representatives and experts from different areas of the enterprise. Technical conduct of the Exercise was done via RiskSight’s proprietary Strategic Decision-Making Exercise platform, designed specifically for Crisis Management Exercises in the cybersecurity domain.

Overall, the event went very smoothly, creating a lot of valuable discussion and considerations. Feedback was positive and it gave a magnificent foundation to build the format on for future iterations with clients of both RiskSight and Microsoft.